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An awesome laser weapon .

Finally, a green laser sight that keeps its settings! I have tried two other, cheaper green lasers, which either

didn't turn on at all, or lost their settings at the range, even after carefully sighting them in.This HTPOW 5000mw

Laser Pointer has kept its settings through two extensive sessions at the range. And it was almost sighted in right

out of the box! It needed just a few minor turns of the adjustment knobs.

This HTPOW laser is super bright, sharp, and marks your target with a small dot that is easily seen. I think you

will like it!Please note that this laser unit come with everything you need to mount it on your rifle. It even comes

with a battery and a grip/contact switch. Or it can be turned on with the push-button switch at the back of the


It has a very bright burning laser . Mounting to my AR15 quad rail was easy. It's not as easy to dial it in,

however. I find it difficult to adjust. The vertical and horizontal screws are hard to turn. I just gave up on that

and use it for short range shooting. I use my red dot scope for anything further than 25 yards.ery high powered

laser makes it easy to pinpoint stars in the night sky. I bought this as a gift for my wife, and she absolutely

loves it. The build quality is superb, it feels well crafted and reminds me of a specific, name brand flashlight. I

would definitely recommend this product.

I really like this Laser Sight . It looks and works great on the front of the handguard of my AR15-style rifle (S&W

M&P15 Sport, 5.56mm). Constructed of sturdy aluminum, it installed easily, adjusted easily, and is holding those

adjustments well. Of course, a laser is intended for quick acquisition of targets within a short-range tactical

self-defense role, not long-range targets. Within that intended context, this laser is indeed bright enough to

perform well even in bright sunlight.
Other reviewers noted that it does not work in the cold. I have not experienced any issues with mine. I took it to

the outdoor range on a snowy day. It worked the whole time, and it was freezing out. Of course, the laser is hard to

see in daylight, even with the clouds. Indoor shooting ranges are where this thing really shines. I've taken it

outside on clear-moonless nights, and it travels quite a long distance. Of course, I have not been able to shoot

with it at that time, for obvious reasons. It's still fun to play with at night.

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