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Traditional Machinery Manufacturing Technology

Laser cleaning as a laser surface treatment technology in recent years has also become increasingly widespread concern and rapid development. Laser cleaning mainly through the low power, high energy density pulsed red laser pointer beam acting on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the dirt, oxide, coating or coating heat generated instantaneous melting, ablation, evaporation or stripping, so as to achieve the workpiece Surface clean process. Laser cleaning is a dry cleaning, compared with the traditional mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, with a good cleaning effect, high control accuracy, no pollution to the environment, the basic damage to the matrix, are non-contact cleaning, etc., we can see, The cleaning process is a "green" cleaning process.

The UV laser works quickly in the production of the circuit, and the surface pattern can be etched on the circuit board in minutes. This makes UV lasers the fastest way to produce PCB samples. The R & D department notes that more and more sample laboratories are equipped with an internal UV laser system. Depending on the optical instrument, the size of the UV laser beam can be 10-20 μm, producing a flexible circuit trace. Although the use of laser beam production circuit is the fastest method of PCB samples, but the large-scale surface etching applications are best left to the chemical process.

In addition to the short wavelength, the workpiece temperature is low, the presence of high-energy ultraviolet light to ultraviolet laser pointer can be applied to large PCB circuit board combination, from FR4 and other standard materials to high-frequency ceramic composite materials and polyimide, including flexible PCB materials and other materials are applicable. The difference in this material makes UV lasers the best choice for a wide range of PCB applications in a wide range of industrial applications, from the production of the most basic circuit boards, circuit wiring, to the production of compact embedded chips and other advanced processes are common.

It is understood that today's mobile phones, computers, mobile wear equipment and other large use of PCB circuit board, electronic equipment production process, the need to identify the two-dimensional code to trace the circuit board to help enterprises more real-time, accurate and reliable production quality management. The traditional way of marking is to paste the paper on the product with ink label, but this way has many problems: the amount of material is large, the pollution is high, the labor cost is high, the mark is easy to fall off and so on. The laser processing without supplies, without manual participation, can significantly save labor costs, improve work efficiency, to avoid waste and pollution.

At present, stainless steel laser cutting machine with its good beam quality, high precision, small kerf characteristics, smooth, flexible cutting arbitrary graphics are widely used in metal processing industry, there is no exception in the decoration industry, let's take a look at the application of stainless steel green laser pointer cutting machine in the decoration industry. Laser cutting system is constantly improving the high and new technology, information technology, compared with the traditional machinery manufacturing technology, another revolution, the stainless steel decoration engineering industry has a huge role in promoting.
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