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Application of Laser Technology in Automobile Field

Since the early 1980s, the automotive industry has been one of the main drivers of the high-power laser industry. This industry has strict requirements on the quality and reliability of laser sources. Compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, laser technology can bring greater benefits in the areas of cutting, welding and marking. Because 18650 laser pointer technology is more flexible than traditional technology and easy to automate, it can meet the core requirements of the entire industry. In the beginning, the laser was only used for simple cylindrical part welding, such as the automatic transmission components of a vehicle. Nowadays, lasers have been widely used in the process of processing the entire vehicle structure. Roof welding, door welding, three-dimensional cutting of hydroformed parts, door spring annealing, instrument panel welding, marking, etc. are just a few examples of a large number of laser applications. With the development of lightweight vehicles, new materials, new structures and new processes are constantly emerging, and the safety performance of automobiles is continuously improved.

Laser ranging technology is the first laser technology to be practically applied in the military. In the late 1960s, laser rangefinders began to be equipped with troops, which were widely used for reconnaissance surveys and weapon fire control systems because of their ability to quickly and accurately measure target distances. Laser guided weapons have high precision, simple structure, and are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, and they play an important role in precision guided weapons. The astronomy laser pointer communication has large capacity, good confidentiality and strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability. Optical fiber communication has become the development focus of communication systems. Airborne, spaceborne laser communication systems and laser communication systems for submarines are also under development.

A tactical laser weapon made of a high-power laser can blind the human eye and disable the photodetector. stage. Anti-satellite and anti-continental ballistics using high-energy laser beams may destroy military targets such as aircraft, missiles, and satellites. The application of strategic laser weapons that are close to practical missiles is still in the exploratory stage. Due to the small laser spot, high energy density, and fast cutting speed, laser cutting can achieve better cutting quality and extremely high cutting speed and efficiency, while reducing tool wear. The use of laser welding materials can avoid deformation, increase the type of welding materials, eliminate environmental factors, high quality and efficiency.

The use of military laser pointer technology welding, its advantages are extremely high welding speed, stable welding quality, high welding precision, small thermal deformation of materials, and easy to integrate into the automation operating system, which is widely used in modern industrial production, with excellent reputation. Advanced welding methods. Laser welding has been widely used in automobiles, such as welding of automobile bodies, pipe welding, welding of automobile batteries, and plastic welding of instrument panels. Lasers have unique advantages in terms of welding strength and welding precision and speed.

Laser cutting is also one of the most frequently used laser applications. Fiber lasers and CO2 lasers can be combined with standardized 2D and 3D cutting systems to cut low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. When processing different parts of a car, car manufacturers take advantage of the advantages of laser cutting, such as high cutting edge quality, low heat input, and fast processing speed. Automotive parts and materials, including a variety of metals, such as airbag fabrics and composite materials used in automotive interiors, are cut using a laser. As a flexible processing tool, the laser can be easily integrated into robots and other automation devices and provides solutions for the cutting of various automation components and materials.

In addition to traditional processes such as laser cutting and laser welding, lasers can also be used in a variety of surface treatment applications such as 532nm laser pointer hardening, laser de-layering, surface activation, and laser surfacing. In the laser surfacing process, the most well-known is laser cladding. The basic materials such as metal wire or powder can be melted by laser radiation to achieve metallurgical bonding. The dilution rate of the metal of the parent component is less than 5%. . The automotive processing industry usually uses powder for laser surfacing, which can be used as a protective film for workpieces to prevent wear and corrosion, as well as high temperature and corrosion resistance (liquid). In the automotive industry, the minimum distortion rate and high flexibility of the workpiece are two important criteria. Thermal microcracking and porosity are also avoided due to reduced heat input and the use of additive materials.
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Laser Cutting Technology

Recently, the city of Minsk, Belarus, has experienced heavy fog and a large number of flights have been cancelled or delayed. The crew of a Belarusian airline flight, with almost zero visibility, chose to risk the autopilot landing system, so that the aircraft eventually landed safely. At that time, from the perspective of the pilot's cockpit, there was only a white curtain outside the window. The crew risked to believe in the automatic driving landing system. First, the situation was urgent. Second, the aircraft itself believed that the aircraft itself had good safety performance. In order to improve the quality of aircraft, modern scientists have been committed to introducing advanced manufacturing processes into aircraft manufacturing.

Laser cutting technology is one of them, waterproof laser pointer cutting technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, short process, good performance, digitization and intelligence in the aerospace field. Laser cutting materials in the aerospace industry are titanium alloys, nickel alloys, chromium alloys, aluminum alloys, tantalum oxide, stainless steel, molybdenum titanate, plastics and composites. Laser cutting can be used to process aircraft skins, honeycomb structures, frames, wing bins, tail siding, helicopter main rotors, engine casings and flame tubes. Laser cutting generally uses continuous output laser YAG and CO2 lasers, as well as high-repetition CO2 pulsed lasers.

The distance between the cutting head and the workpiece and the perpendicularity of the nozzle to the surface of the workpiece during the cutting process are two extremely important factors. Directly affect the quality of the processing, so in order to improve the quality of cutting and reduce the production of waste, special sensors need to be installed on the cutting head to ensure stable and consistent cutting quality and increase process safety.

When the usb laser pointer cutting head changes the shape of the workpiece and the surface is uneven, the sensor automatically detects the change and automatically adjusts the height according to the change, so that the distance from the surface of the workpiece is always consistent, the material can be processed faster without continuously monitoring the present. The displacement sensor adopted at home and abroad is basically a capacitive type, and its structure and shape are adapted to the processing head, and is equipped with a detection signal processing unit.

Displacement measurement is one of the most basic measurement tasks. According to whether the sensor is in contact with the workpiece to be tested, the displacement sensor can be divided into contact type and non-contact type. Compared with the contact sensor, the non-contact sensor guarantees high resolution. At the same time, it has a fast dynamic response, low hysteresis error, and even zero.

Non-contact sensors, sometimes called proximity sensors, the earliest application is a proximity switch, that is, when the detected object approaches a sensitive distance to a sensitive probe, a switching signal is given. The current proximity sensor has been developed to detect not only objects. With or without, it gives the distance of the object from the sensitive probe and provides information about the shape and spatial position of the workpiece.

Because military laser pointer can be used to measure the displacement of moving objects, this kind of sensor is also called non-contact displacement sensor. Commonly used displacement sensors include hysteresis telescopic displacement sensor, eddy current displacement sensor, capacitive displacement sensor, inductor displacement sensor and so on.

According to the principle of various sensors, the capacitance sensor has high sensitivity and has the following characteristics: good dynamic response, because the electrostatic attraction between the plates is small, the required energy is very small, and the movable part can be made very small and thin. Therefore, its natural frequency is very high, its dynamic response time is short, and it can work at frequencies of several megahertz, which is especially suitable for dynamic measurement.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, strong adaptability, easy manufacture, easy to ensure high precision, and can be made into a small-sized sensor to realize special measurement, and can work in a harsh environment such as high and low temperature, strong radiation and strong magnetic field, and can withstand high pressure and high. Shock, overload, etc. The 488nm laser pointer is small and the temperature coefficient is small. Since the capacitance value of the capacitance sensor is independent of the electrode material, a material with a low temperature coefficient can be selected, and a good stability can be ensured when the external temperature is stable. The larger relative change is limited only by the linear region, and its value can reach 100% or more, which can guarantee the resolution and measurement range of the sensor.
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Traditional Machinery Manufacturing Technology

Laser cleaning as a laser surface treatment technology in recent years has also become increasingly widespread concern and rapid development. Laser cleaning mainly through the low power, high energy density pulsed red laser pointer beam acting on the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the dirt, oxide, coating or coating heat generated instantaneous melting, ablation, evaporation or stripping, so as to achieve the workpiece Surface clean process. Laser cleaning is a dry cleaning, compared with the traditional mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, with a good cleaning effect, high control accuracy, no pollution to the environment, the basic damage to the matrix, are non-contact cleaning, etc., we can see, The cleaning process is a "green" cleaning process.

The UV laser works quickly in the production of the circuit, and the surface pattern can be etched on the circuit board in minutes. This makes UV lasers the fastest way to produce PCB samples. The R & D department notes that more and more sample laboratories are equipped with an internal UV laser system. Depending on the optical instrument, the size of the UV laser beam can be 10-20 μm, producing a flexible circuit trace. Although the use of laser beam production circuit is the fastest method of PCB samples, but the large-scale surface etching applications are best left to the chemical process.

In addition to the short wavelength, the workpiece temperature is low, the presence of high-energy ultraviolet light to ultraviolet laser pointer can be applied to large PCB circuit board combination, from FR4 and other standard materials to high-frequency ceramic composite materials and polyimide, including flexible PCB materials and other materials are applicable. The difference in this material makes UV lasers the best choice for a wide range of PCB applications in a wide range of industrial applications, from the production of the most basic circuit boards, circuit wiring, to the production of compact embedded chips and other advanced processes are common.

It is understood that today's mobile phones, computers, mobile wear equipment and other large use of PCB circuit board, electronic equipment production process, the need to identify the two-dimensional code to trace the circuit board to help enterprises more real-time, accurate and reliable production quality management. The traditional way of marking is to paste the paper on the product with ink label, but this way has many problems: the amount of material is large, the pollution is high, the labor cost is high, the mark is easy to fall off and so on. The laser processing without supplies, without manual participation, can significantly save labor costs, improve work efficiency, to avoid waste and pollution.

At present, stainless steel laser cutting machine with its good beam quality, high precision, small kerf characteristics, smooth, flexible cutting arbitrary graphics are widely used in metal processing industry, there is no exception in the decoration industry, let's take a look at the application of stainless steel green laser pointer cutting machine in the decoration industry. Laser cutting system is constantly improving the high and new technology, information technology, compared with the traditional machinery manufacturing technology, another revolution, the stainless steel decoration engineering industry has a huge role in promoting.
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Optimization of Tooling for Laser Welding

In the welding process found that the replacement of different welding products, laser welding initial proofing time-consuming, mass production process by the accuracy of parts of the weld quality instability and other issues. By optimizing the design of the corresponding tooling to reduce the automatic welding of the proofreading time to ensure the quality of weld and mass production needs. With the rapid development of industry, laser welding technology in the machinery, rail vehicles, automobile manufacturing, electronics and aerospace has been widely used. When using existing blue laser welding equipment, it is found that it takes a lot of time to calibrate the initial welding points of the parts during the replacement of the different welding products during the welding equipment. In addition, when the welding spot is limited by the size of the laser spot, Repeated positioning accuracy requirements are high, so the parts of a process of processing accuracy requirements are relatively increased, thus increasing the processing costs.

Despite the faster cutting speed and higher productivity of high-power solid-state lasers for metal 2D cutting, most metal manufacturers are excited, but it is still costly to control and manipulate the power of such lasers. Machine tool manufacturers continue to introduce higher power lasers. But in order to give full play to this advantage, they need to design to meet the harsh requirements of the laser system. The machine itself must be able to control the changes that occur with this high power cutting to ensure that the machining is not only fast and reliable, so that the manufacturer can take full advantage of the performance of the laser.

Laser welding system is through the robot to drive the welding parts of the welding parts, welding the initial point of the collection is equivalent to CNC machine tool processing parts of the knife, a direct impact on the subsequent parts of the processing accuracy. The main factors that affect the quality of red laser pointer welding are laser power, spot size, welding speed, shielding gas, parts precision and surface quality. Among them, the size of the focus spot in the focusing lens focusing radius for the value of the premise, by the welding head and part of the weld distance decision.

In the mass production process, due to the deviation of the location of the product itself, even if the initial calibration of the welding and then accurate, there is still welding bias, missed welding phenomenon, thus increasing the laser weld tracking system. The laser weld tracking system detects the trajectory of the weld by the laser vision sensor, calculates the weld deviation using the image processing software, and then transmits the deviation to the robot control system to control the robot to move the welding head to the correct position for welding.

Laser is the use of light energy, heat, electricity, chemical energy or nuclear energy and other external energy to stimulate the material, so that the occurrence of stimulated radiation generated by a special light. The laser is the stimulated radiation of light. Compared with ordinary light source, the characteristics of the green laser pointer are obvious, the direction is good (divergence angle is small), the searchlight is irradiated to the moon, the parallel searchlight 1 km when the spot diameter of 10 meters, the laser irradiation of the moon, spot diameter is about 2 km. High brightness, good color (color purity), good coherence, the speed of light transmission (3 × 108m / s) and so are the characteristics of the laser.

The peak power of the laser is large and can reach several hundred thousand megawatts because of its large energy can be used as laser cutting, laser medical, laser weapons. In addition, laser applications are laser ranging, laser gyro, laser processing. Laser medicine, the most simple application is the teeth, teeth when the sound, each patient are reluctant to listen, but if the laser to fill teeth, you can use the laser surface tartar, insect teeth part of the cut off, no sound. Laser processing, to make a rough part of the hair to do a gear, hair only 50 microns, in this to do a flat gear, the general mechanical means is not reach, can only use the laser.

Laser cutting machine brand differentiation is the purpose of the product's core strengths or personality differences into the brand, to meet the individual needs of the target customer. Successful high power laser cutting machine brand has a differentiated characteristics, different from the competitors, and then in a consistent form of the brand differences with the customer's psychological needs to connect, in this way the brand positioning information accurately communicated to Market, in the hearts of potential customers to occupy a favorable position. The purpose is to create and cultivate their own characteristics of the laser cutting machine products, distinctive personality, establish a unique market image, to distinguish it from competitors, effectively determine the product in the customer's position in the neutral position.
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Summary of burning laser

Laser Weapon Will Play An Important Role in the third World War

Summary of the Laser Sight weapon : the deployment of weapons in outer space is useless, because ground-based laser weapons have an advantage. There is no use of lightning in space.Laser Pointer Flashlight Prank is simply a game, it isn't really a laser light pointer, and basically no laser beam pointer from your own Smartphone will surely make a simulation on the monitor of the tablet or phone.You need to get a pet laser pointer! Using the fresh free laser pointer it is easy to go in pursuit of the kitty throughout the residence as you desire! Start laser pointer cat (it can be used as a laser pointer cats as laser pointer for dogs) and begin enjoying!
Burning laser weapon

If the enemy lightning us, we can also arranged for a certain number of ground-based laser weapons, irradiation space.At this time, the target is very critical. Laser weapon is quite expensive, so it can be used for some garbage aircraft , to find the target, send other laser weapon aircraft to destroy the enemy laser weapons.

If you would like to perform a 200mw Laser Pointer on phone or tablet this unique free laser pointer light is perfectly for you. You could keep your kids enjoying without having to worry concerning the destruction which a real laser pointer with flashlight will cause in their eyes. Only be cognizant of the blinking light.Various laser pointer colors: blue laser pointer, red laser pointer app, green laser pointer.Laser pointer game: it can be used as a funny game simulator. Laser pointer free: that a particular of the difficult to find lasers pointers free. It's furthermore one of the greatest laser pointer apps.

The war will start in the universe, then the quantity and quality of burning laser weapon become more important. Laser weapon must first kill the enemy. This is more suitable for the fight in World War II Germany's Blitzkrieg. As a matter of fact, arrangement of laser weapon aiming all laser weapon in the enemy set a few seconds. Direct the destruction of a certain amount of laser weapon. At the same time, pay close attention to the time to destroy the space of other laser weapons and satellites, as there are other laser weapons on earth.
It is also possible to carry out the world's most powerful laser pointer weapon.The comparison of the laser weapons is distance (because the earth is not a straight line is round) and destroyed than a missile. Assumed laser weapons can only hit the target of 500 km, missile flying at a speed of 50 km per second (10 times the speed of sound), laser weapons destroyed a target, including to other targets for one second. The 500 km missile flight 10 seconds, as long as the school more than 10 missile laser weapons can be destroyed.

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Navy Laser Weapon Has Deployed on the Ponce.

Recently, the US Central Command deployed a 30 kW laser weapon system on the "Ponce" warship to determine the

effectiveness of directed energy weapons in combat environments. Test was very successful, the Naval Sea Systems

Command Authorization "Ponce" Captain can use this weapon against the invading Iranian UAV helicopter or fast patrol

boats. This 30 kilowatts of laser weapon (which is 60times than the 5000mw Laser )systems based on the use of the

beam combiner based on the six commercial solid 5.4 kilowatts of infrared laser which was developed by Naval

Research .
Per-energy light beam directed cost about $ 1, compared with the current cost of SM-2 missile is $ 400,000, so the

laser weapons can ensure that the US maritime dominance, China invested a lot of low-cost counter attack UAV attack

US warships strategy.
This burning laser pointer weapon system integrated into the existing system, "Ponce" was connected to the tracking

radar Phalanx CIWS system which can be targeting. In defense, the high-energy laser can be successfully captured a

large number of ground targets and unmanned aerial vehicles. According to Stratfor network news, although the laser

weapon is currently operated by a person, it will eventually operate in an automated manner.
Using a large number of low-cost UAVs melee tactics to suppress the American warships. As can be seen in the two

world wars and several small conflicts, projectile weapon and military counter-measures have proved effective. But

in the future, the United States will use innovative 300mw Laser Pointer weapons to enhance the counter-attack and

the ability to ensure that the US maritime dominance.
"Laser weapons is powerful, low cost, will play an important role in future naval warfare", because unlike

conventional weapons as needed gunpowder warhead and propulsion, 1000mw Laser Pointer weapons is more safe than

conventional missiles. More importantly, compared with the $ 1 million cost of hundreds of missiles, laser weapons

emit a cost "less than $ 1" ("Time" magazine said the cost is only 59 cents). Although the Navy has spent $ 40

million over the past seven years, it can generate 30 kilowatts destructive weapons that addresses the concerns of

the military budget of the US military. "
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